Processing of Broom grass under Pencharthal RMU
Bamboo Handicrafts made by JFMC members
 Broom grass value addition training under Pencharthal RMU
Gandhaki sun drying
Bamboo Handicrafts made by JFMC members

The NTFP Centre of Excellence

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The Tripura JICA Project envisages the promotion, development and sustainable use of the NTFP resources of the State and accordingly the NTFP Centre of Excellence was established under the Project, Tripura. It is proposed to be an autonomous society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 after the closure of TFIPAP with its own income generation mechanisms.

The broad objectives of the Centre are -

0 To develop database on NTFPs and their management

0 To promote NTFPs as a means of livelihood for the masses on a sustainable basis

0 To facilitate marketing of NTFPs

0 To train forest fringe dwellers in farming, cultivation and management of NTFPs

0 Capacity building of the forest dependent communities on utilization of NTFPs and their value addition.

Relevance And Proposed Activities of The Centre:

Tripura has more than 60% of its total land area under forests and has a wide variety of NTFPs with large potential market. Among these, medicinal plants form the biggest but underutilized NTFP. These include Amlaki, Gamar, Agar, Asoka, Pippali, Stevia, Sarpagandha, Mucuna, Buch, Satavari etc. Bamboo contributes so much to the income of the state by way of handicrafts, furniture, construction items, tiles etc. The NTFP Centre of Excellence is aimed at improving the cultivation, collection, production, processing, marketing and popularization of these NTFPs. This is stationed at Gandhigram.

The Centre has four divisions -

1. Bamboo and Rattan Research & Production Division:

0 Expansion, development and maintenance of existing arboretum

0 Establishment and maintenance of rattan cane arboretum

0 Selection of bamboo Provisional Plus Clumps (PPC) and establishment of gene bank of selected priority bamboo species.

0 Establishment and maintenance of nursery & production of quality planting stock.

0 Research on bamboo and cane species and their production.

0 Research on bamboo gregarious flowering and their production.

2. NTFP Research and Production Division:

0 Documentation of traditional ecological knowledge relating to NTFPs.

0 Establishment of herbal gardens for documentation and conservation of plants of medicinal and aromatic value for documentation and extension.

0 Research on the function and potential of medicinal plants.

0 Research on NTFP species and their production.

3. Value Addition and Marketing Division

0 Market research

0 Certification and marketing

0 Collection of standards for environmentally accepted practices and materials and need for independent certification

0 Product specific R&D

4. Training and Extension Division
0 Training management

0 Conduct of Training

0 Extension of Information

0 Preparation and Development of the extension material for JFMC/EDC/SHGs

0 Development of a network of contacts with relevant national and international agencies working in the region.

0 Support to develop JFM/SHGs cluster based activities

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