Bio-diversity Conservation

The objective of this component is to protect and enhance the wildlife and its habitats and to promote community development activities for the local communities in order to turn them into partners in conservation. The component has following sub-components
0 Bio-diversity Research & Inventory.
0 Eco-tourism Development.
0 Strengthening the Protected Area programme.
0 Eco-development.
0 Provision of Wildlife management related equipment.
Bio-diversity Research & Inventory
The activity will cover the entire state in order to grasp the bio-diversity scenario of the state and to establish scientific biodiversity management. This include-
0 Survey and inventory of fauna and flora for input to Biodiversity Information System.
0 Habitat use requirement of selected endangered species.
0 Baseline ecological information as a benchmark for measuring the future impact of TFIPAP.
0 Multidisciplinary surveys to identify potential sites for ecotourism and community reserves.
0 Socio-economic studies to assess the environmental impact of Project interventions.
0 Coordinated biannual census of large mammals.

In addition to providing input to the Bio-diversity Information System, to the TFIPAP detailed planning process and impact evaluation, the research outputs will be published in peer reviewed journals and also brought out as monographs.
Eco-tourism Development-

This is designated as essentially low impact wildlife/nature based tourism that can bring a tangible economic benefit to the local communities and also promote conservation awareness.
Strengthening the protected area programme:

This subcomponent is designated to improve the habitat as well as manage protected areas in the Project area and expand the coverage of the protected area network by establishing community reserves. The activities include-
0 Habitat improvement and management
0 Soil and Moisture Conservation
0 Protection
0 Wildlife related training of staff
0 Development of community reserves


Eco-development will be undertaken as a means to ameliorate the livelihood constraints of the local communities living in and around the three protected areas. Under the project area with a view to enhancing their livelihood security. The Eco-development activities will be planned through micro-planning by the particular Eco Development Committees.

Provision of wildlife management related equipment The equipments are used in tracking wildlife species, employed in census etc.
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